Friday, February 22, 2013

Deal of the Month for February!

All right Ladies and Gentlemen here is the Deal of the Month for February! I found this beautiful red velvet blazer at The Limited and as soon as I saw it I knew I had to have it. Unfortunately though I could only find a size four on the sales floor ( normally I need a Zero or Two) but I decided to try it on anyways. As I had feared the size four was way too big but luckily for me the kind associate helping me dug a size two out from the back and it fit like a glove!
One of the reasons why I love going to The Limited at Crabtree Valley Mall in Raleigh, NC is because the sales associates there are always so polite and knowledgeable! They know their product, they know their inventory and they know their clients. I left the store with several items all of which were on sale but this jacket was by far the best deal. The Original Price was $128.00 the sale price was $22.49 making this blazer February's Deal of the Month!

Lavender and Gray

 Hey there people of the world! I just wanted to do a short little post about a  cute little outfit I wore to go shopping on my day off not too long ago. It was super cold outside so please excuse the folded arms in each picture but I was freezing!!!! I absolutely love this little jumper because it is so versatile. In this particular pairing it channels rather feminine vibes because of the silk shirt and bow tie.

Silk Shirt: G Ltd
Jumper: bopul
Loafers: Salvatore Ferragamo

~Special Thanks to Ben Till for being kind enough to take the pictures for the past few posts with the exception of " simple outfit for everyday" and "Deal of the Month". Thank you so much :)

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Price Correction For Deal of the Month

Hey there people of the world I just realized that I put the wrong price on the Hollister Coat I featured for January's Deal of the Month. It was actually $120.00 originally not $150.00. Sorry about that folks. I was posting this away from home so I did not have the tag for reference. Sorry for the mistake.

Sass up that Grandma Sweater!

With all of this cold winter whether we have been having here in the south I decided to pull out my wool cardigan from Talbots. I paired this cardigan with my red silk Talbots sweater underneath for extra warmth. To spice up this classic piece I opted for a denim pencils skirt, black tights and Leopard print pumps. I love how warm and cozy yet sophisticated this outfit looks and feels. It is by far one of my favorites for cold winter days.

Cardigan: Talbots
Sweater: Talbots
Skirt: Rogan for Target
Pumps: Madden Girl

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Deal of the month

Alright so technically this should be the deal of the month for January seeing as I picked this coat up from Hollister last week but never actually got around making this post until now. Sorry folks :/
Like I said this cozy coat is from Hollister and it has comfy fleece material in the back and chest part of the coat, a nice warm hood and two fleece lined front pockets to keep your hands toasty. The fit is perfect for those of you who want a warm puffy jacket that doesn't make you look like a marshmallow. I love the crisp white color ( which is a new color for me) and the fact that it has a hood!
When I picked this coat up, Hollister was having a HUGE sale so I'm excited to say that I paid around $29.50 for this coat instead of about $150 (which was its price originally) hence it being worthy of this month's deal of the month :)

Simple Outfit for everyday

Hello people of the world! This is a very basic outfit for everyday wear, whether you are heading to the grocery store or studying at the library. The important thing is to dress up a simple shirt with layers, jewelery and a dark wash pair of jeans that fit you well. I would also add a pair of over the knee boots insted of flats to keep this outfit from being too relaxed.  These skinny jeans from Bebe also have fun, trendy hardware as well!
Here's the outfit from top to bottom:
White layering tank: Hollister
White Polo: Aeropostale
Gray long sleeve tee: Abercrombie and Fitch
Jeans: Bebe