Thursday, August 22, 2013

Thursday's Outfit of the day

Hey guys here is a quick outfit of the day post before I head off to work. Hope everyone has a great Thursday!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Outfit of the Day

Hey sassy folks, here is just a quick post about what I wore today. I had the day off from work and decided to sass it up a bit. Hope you guys like it!

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Outfit of the evening

Here are just a few pictures of a sassy little red dress I wore out a few weekends ago for a fun girls night out. I love the simple cut if this dress because it makes it versatile and easy to wear. It is the prefect dress to grab for a spur of the moment dinner or party that you don't have alot of time to get ready for =)

Dress: Express

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Basic Summer outfit and Charming Charlie's

So over the past week I have done a bit of traveling. When I travel, I like to pick a few versatile, polished pieces to take with me. I aways try to travel light ( key word here is "try" ). I feel like its easier to both carry and to get ready in the morning if you have only a few favorites with you to mix and match instead of half your closet ;) For this trip I chose a really summery reversible skirt from Lilly Pulitzer and a few simple tank tops from Hollister. I LOVE that this skirt is reversible!!!! It really makes it one of the best travel pieces for summer =)
While I was is Greensboro I dropped by Charming Charlie's at the Friendly Center.I had only ever walked passed the store in Raleigh and was really excited to have the opportunity to go inside this time and they did NOT let me down! Not only did they have so many cute shoes and jewelery but I also picked up this cute pair of sunglasses ( I forgot to bring mine). I was also very impressed by the friendly sales associates and the absolute "Charming" layout of the store as a whole. I will definitely be going back =)

Tank: Hollister
Skirt: Lilly Pulitzer
Sunglasses: Charming Charlie's

A Day by the Sea for me!

The entire summer all I have wanted to do was go to the beach but as May turned to June and June turned to July and then August showed up with still no beach trip in sight I begin to loose hope. Then, out of the blue I was invited to the beach for the day with my friend Emily and her family! We started out our day at the beach by heading to the Aquarium at Fort Fisher then off to Kure Beach for and afternoon of sun, sand and some well deservered relaxation! By evening we were sunkissed and starving so we headed to the peir in search of food. We settled on a seafood place called Big Daddy's where we enjoy a variety of seafood before heading home for the day.
More pictures to come. Special Thanks to Emily and her family for inviting me to join them on there beach adventure =)

Product Review: Boscia Revitalizing Black Hydration Gel

So sassy ladies this is my first ever product review! Unfortunately I can't say good things for this product. I first tried the Boscia Revitalizing Black Hydration Gel at Sephora and at the store I loved it! As soon as i put it on it made my skin tingle and the sale women informed me that this moisturizer would be a good choice for summer . So i took her advice and picked it up. Little did I know that this rather expansive product would do nothing at all for my skin. The Charcoal in this product I was told would help prevent breakouts and control oil which it didn't really do at all and while it did moisturize it did not do it any better than the drugstore alternatives that i could have pick up for alot cheaper. Also let me just say that the packaging is terrible! Not only is it opaque so you can not see when you are about to run out of product but there is also no way to control the amount of product that comes out. I must also point out that the packaging is almost impossible to open without ruining the whole container so if the pump get gunked up or become unattached the only way to get the remaining product out is to break the container entirely, which my Dad and I ended up having to do and I was suprised to see how much product was still left over after my pump would no longer pump out product. ( enough for 3 more uses) Overall I do not feel that this is a terrible product on it own i just feel that it is over priced ( 38.00 on and that there are drugstore products such as Garnier Moisture Rescue Refreashing gel cream that do the same thing for ALOT less. I do however feel that it is the worst packaging design I have EVER seen and I will not be buying this product again.