Sunday, October 26, 2014

Yin and Yang

Hello All!
Today I figured I'd post a couple fashion collages of outfits I took pictures of but never actually found the time to post on the blog. The first outfit is a great date night outfit and is made up of mostly black accessories making it the 'Yin" outfit of this post. The second outfit was built around an all white dress making it the 'Yang" outfit of this post. The white dress was definitely an example of me branching out from my usual color scheme ( which consists of primarily dark colors) while the black and white patterned dress was a piece I've had in my closet for years and was my way of gradually introducing white into the dressy part of my wardrobe.
Hope you guys enjoy and have a great week!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Flats and Phin B. (A lazy Sunday Outfit of the Day)

Hello again!
For today I was feeling really relaxed and wanted to be comfortable while cleaning and rearranging my bedroom. So after I finished my coffee this morning ( ok... it was really more like afternoon.) I headed to my closet and pulled out this bodysuit from Gilly Hicks to throw on under the pink button down ( also Gilly Hicks) that I had worn to bed the night before. To complete the outfit I pick this shimmery skirt from Charlotte Russe that is both cute and comfy.
Hope you guys have a great week =)
PS: Emily's Cat Phineas ( aka. Phin B.) wanted to be a part of this post so she photo bombed/ would not move out of each of these pictures. She is modeling beside my favorite peachy pink ballet flats from j.crew.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

An Italian Love Affair ( A collaboration post with

 Hello all! Apologies for my extended absence. My schedule has been packed with activities to both bring my summer to a close and bring autumn into the spotlight. Now I'm back with a different kind of post.
 About a week or two ago I was asked by to put together a wedding collage. They gave me three different wedding locations ( Bora Bora, Italy and France) to choose from and asked me to pick out a dress from their shop that would fit the location. Can you guys guess which location I chose? While it was tough to chose between France and Italy I ended up going with Italy in the end.
I was going for a very feminine yet strong look. The dress itself is both structured with its fitted sweet-heart bodice yet flirty and fun with its full layered skirt. The beautiful beading on the bodice and the fact that the dress is more of an ivory color as opposed to pure white made this dress perfect for the setting.
When I saw the neckline on this dress my first thought was a layered pearl necklace the chunkier the better. I love this one by Tom Binns. It is a fun spin on the classic layer pearl necklace and the safety pins make the piece less serious and more down-to-earth. In addition to the necklace I also chose to accessorize with a tiara. I feel like it brings a very regal element to the look and is also symbolic of the responsibilities you are taking on and commitment you are about to make. Last but not least are these elegant heels by Jimmy Choo. Not only did I feel the were a perfect fit for the dress but I also liked that they were versatile enough to be worn with outfits long after you have both said I do.
Thank you so much to and Carolyn for reaching out! Hope everyone has a great week!

All pieces can be found on

Dress: Lisanthus Skirt by Kristie Kelly
Necklace: Pearl Swarovski Necklace by Tom Binns
Tiara: Moldable Crysal Tiara By David's Bridal
Shoes: Lang Sandal by Jimmy Choo