Thursday, February 26, 2015

These are a few of my favorite things ( For the Month of February)

Hey Guys!
I figured I would start consistently posting These are a few of my Favorite things post to keep you guys updated about my current favorites! Each will simply be a brief update about the current fashion things I've been loving, books I'm reading as well as recipes, my favorite songs and other fun stuff I'm into at the moment.

Work Out Wear/ Gear
As I mentioned in a post earlier I have really been into workout wear lately! Pictured here are a few of my current favorites!
Black Sport Leggings
Abercrombie and Fitch
Neon Patterned Workout Shirt
Gray Patterned Sport Leggings
Moving Comfort
Running Shoes

Books I've read This Month
Out of The Silent Planet
C.S. Lewis
TRUMP Think Like a Billionaire
Donald J. Trump

Song of the Month
Our Own House

Snow Day for Lola!!!

Friday, February 20, 2015

Flowers and Minimalism

Happy Friday everyone! Recently, I have been in major reorganize/get rid of things mode. I have just been in the mood for a more minimalistic lifestyle and I have been trying to create this with my space. Here is just the beginning. More pictures soon!
Have a great weekend =)

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Handbag Obsession

Handbag Obsession

Tory Burch tote bag

Kate spade purse

Kate spade handbag

Tory burch crossbody

Rebecca minkoff handbag

Kate spade bag

Kate Spade wallet

Kate Spade wallet

Kate spade wallet

Good morning Stash of Sass! Recently I have been obsessed with finding the perfect collection of handbags! Basically I am looking for high quality pieces that I can add to my collection that will both replace existing handbags in my collection that I no longer want as well as be multi-functional. Ideally I would like to become a bit of a minimalist with my handbags. I'm going for classic styles that will be useful for many occasions and last for years to come. 

Has anyone else felt the need to downsize a part of their wardrobe or follow a more minimalist approach to fashion lately? 

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Bebe Workout Wear Wishlist

Bebe Workout Wear Wishlist

Bebe crop pants

Bebe clothing

Bebe sports bra

Hello again! While I'm on the workout wear kick I figured I would post a collage of work out stuff from Bebe. They are by far my favorite place to buy workout wear and it is an added plus that most of their work out stuff is made in the USA!

Winter workout Inspiration!

Winter workout Inspiration!

$68 -

Adidas sports activewear
$61 -

Under armour legging
$52 -

Puma activewear
$42 -

Sport socks
$15 -

Adidas Originals stripe shoes
$115 -

Hey Guys!
Recently I have been living in my athletic wear! While this my be common place for some of you for me this is completely new. In the past, I had never been one to wear my yoga pant to the grocery store or my jogging leggings and sports tops to work (Thank goodness I work at a place where this is not out of the ordinary.) but lately I have found myself pulling on my workout wear and heading out to face the world. In a way it has felt kind of liberating! I not sure what brought on this change or how long I'll love wearing workout wear outside of working out but I figured I would share my new found obsession with you guys as well as create a collage of workout gear. Hopeful this inspires you guys to go workout and stay committed to any health goals you guys have for the new year. Also if you would like to see some of my workout outfits let me know in the comments and I will do a post featuring some of my favorite workout gear!