Saturday, September 7, 2013

Confidence Is Sassy

When life gets stressful combat the stress with a little edge and attitude! That's what I did for an evening out with good friends a few weekends ago. The past few weeks had been full of stress and turbulence for all of us and I decided to rebel against it in this ensemble. I LOVE fishnet tights paired with leather, but to keep it classy I opted for a longer pencil skirt instead of a tight mini. Red is also one of my power colors ( colors I wear to feel stronger, more confident and empowered) so it seemed like the obvious color choice for the skirt and the floral bustier added a feminine touch without being to girly. I adore this little faux leather jacket, that literal sat in my closet for a couple of year until this evening when I incorporated it into this outfit, because in this outfit it pulls everything together and covers up skin that would create imbalance in this outfit. These little black booties that I picked up from a consignment shop have become a going out staple in my closet. They look sassy with dresses, skirts, leather pants, and skinny jeans!
I can honestly say that this entire outfit made me feel tough and confident. It is amazing to see how much the correct pairings of individual pieces can express and in a way cultivate certain emotions and mindsets. With that being said go sassy people of the world and be creative with the pieces in you wardrobe. Create ensembles that express how you feel or as I did in this outfit rebel against the negative forces afoot in your life and allow fashion to inspired you to take a stand and let it help get you the confidence to make a change for the better.

- Poison Christian Dior (one of the scents I pick when I'm feeling a little edgy)
-Short Sleeved Faux Leather Jacket: Wet Seal ( I picked it up at Uptown Cheapskate)
-Bustier: Charlotte Russe ( I Picked this one up at a consignment boutique called Revolver in Raleigh,NC)
-Red Pencil Skirt: Forever21
-Edgy Black Booties: Yoki ( I picked these up at Uptown Cheapskate when I bought the leather jacket)
I can't remember when or where my fishnets came from I have had them for years and years!

* I'm sorry that these pictures did not come out as clearly as I had hoped :(  It was dark and the camera on my phone was acting silly!

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