Friday, November 28, 2014

Update: Where I've been and New Ideas for SOS!

Happy Friday Everyone! I hope everyone had a relaxing, fun and filling Thanksgiving! I know you guys haven't heard very much from me lately with all of the projects and work I've taken on I have let a lot of things I really enjoy including Stash of Sass fall by the way side. In addition to that I also had my wisdom teeth removed and the were some complications with that as well. So with that being said I have had a good bit of free time to focus on recovering, studying Japanese ( another thing I have been neglecting lately) and new ideas for Stash of Sass. One of those new ideas is to put together collages featuring pieces from some of my favorite stores that I absolutely fall in love with! I would post the details for the pieces featured in case any of you want to buy the items and the collages would act kind of as an update of what kind of cool pieces are out there on the market right now. I can't decide If these collages should be posted biweekly, weekly or monthly so let me know what you guys think! Also, a friend of mine suggested recently that I bring back my Deal of the Month posts so I have been thinking about what to feature for this month's deal.
Let me know what other posts and fashion topics you guys would like me to cover! Would you guys like to see more How To Style posts or seasonal lookbook type posts?  Or do you prefer outfit of the day and going out outfits? Or do you wanna see all of the above?

=^_^= Adrimonima

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