Tuesday, January 28, 2014

A snowy night in the South

Snow makes me so excited and cheerful! I love everything about it! The way I see it is in the winter if it is going to be cold outside then it needs to be snowing!!! Although for the most part this does not happen in the south it did tonight! So I obviously could not resist the need to go for a midnight walk in the snow! I grabbed my Liz Claiborne baret, my Coach scarf and my Calvin Klein wool coat and headed outside for some pictures. For all of my friends up north I know this doesn't look like much in the line of snow but here in the south I'll take what I can get!
Snow always brings back such exciting childhood memories such as the time when our dog Goliath pulled the sled my brother and I were riding in right into a telephone poll or snowball fights in the backyard.
There is just something so simple and straightforward about the beauty of snow. It just makes you want to be out in it whether you're playing or just going for a walk. It makes us slow down, stop multitasking and enjoy the sheer elegance of nature. That, to me,  is what elegant style and fashion should do as well. It should be simple and straightforward. It should make us stop and enjoy for a moment the beauty of something  truly unique. It should, just like the snow, make us forget the multitasking, the emails, the text messages awaiting replys and bring us back to a time in our lives when things were simpler and time was for enjoyment. 

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