Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to all of my classy, sassy readers! I hope that 2013 was everything you had hoped it would be and that this new year finds you recharged and ready to take on a whole new year of adventure! I personally have been enjoying some long over due time with my family and friends.( Which I might add is part of the reason why you haven't heard much from me lately.)I find that it is always good to take some time away from the rush to relax at home with family.
 I find myself facing this new year with determination, optimism, and a clearer head than I had in 2013. Although I must confess that I am also a little anxious about what is to come in 2014. Something about the unknown and fears of life not quite turning out that way I would like. (Don't worry, I'll always find something to stress out about.)
For the most part I am excited for a new year and a fresh start! I also plan starting a schedule for my posts here on Stash Of Sass. Last year I tried to go without a schedule and I feel like there were week where you guys didn't hear a peep from me and some weeks where I was probably talking too much. I'm also thinking about adding a Lifestyle section to this blog. ( What do you guys think? Do you want to hear about my cooking endeavors, restaurants I've enjoyed during my travels or the way I like to decorate my place? Let me know?)
Now for the dress! I have worn this dress for New Years almost every year since I got it. I feel like a famous actress every time I put it on. ( I think its the sequins.) I adore the color of this dress and have found  over the years that it is not an easy color to find. ( which is good because everyone's not running around in it. and bad because well I love this color and can never find it to buy in stores!) I really lucked out when I came across this dress a few years ago in a small consignment boutique in Greensboro. It was one of those I saw it, I wanted it, and when I tried it on and when it fit without alterations I about cried! Although as I looked over the pictures for this post I noticed that the lighting was not quite doing this dress justice. ( I was NOT happy about it AT ALL!) So please keep that in mind as you view these pictures.
Happy New Year!

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