Friday, February 12, 2016

In My Red High Heels!

The weekend is finally here ladies and gents! Do you guys have any fun and exciting plans for Valentine's Day? To be honest, I do not. I will more than likely being working on an essay for my business law class and putting the finishing touches on a paper for American literature but as I have said before such is the life of a student :) Who knows, I might finish early in which case I will get some creative work done on my designs for the spring!
Anyhow, I thought for the third fashion week outfit I would feature a look with a little more of an artsy vibe to it. The dogwood on the t-shirt is actually one of the first designs I ever put on a t shirt way back in high school and I have had the red skirt for years as well. Hope you guys like it and have a Happy Valentine's day and a great weekend!
<3 Adrimonima

Sweater: Love Tree (thrifted)
Skirt: Forever 21 (purchased before I was aware of the negative impacts of fast fashion on the environment and the people in foreign countries who are often forced to work way too many hours in poor working conditions to meet our overwhelming demand for these trendy product which are often unfortunately discarded just as quickly as they were purchased!)
Shoes: Rampage
Bag: The Limited (thrifted)

PS: If you guys are unaware of the negative impacts of fast fashion and the unethical practices that many clothing brands allow in the production of their clothing I encourage you to do your own research about your favorite brands. I plan to begin posting more about this topic in the near future but I think it is very important for everyone to do their own research and develop their own opinion's on the matter. Don't just take my word for it!

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